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At De Butterfly CIC we're in a mission of transforming the mind and lives through emotional well-being support, confidence building, creative therapy, skill building, coaching, and mentoring amongst other support tools. 

About De Butterfly CIC

De Butterfly CIC started in 2014 as a voluntary group supporting BAME women who were victims and survivors of Female Genital Mutilation and supporting/helping women with multiple disadvantages, barriers, and deprivation of basic needs. 

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Mission Statement

Providing culturally sensitive and appropriate specialist mental/emotional well-being support and advocacy to the women and youths in the BAME in Greater Manchester. Helping our community to develop their creativity, culture, music, and arts.


To make culturally sensitive and appropriate mental health support accessible to all BAME women and youths, most especially the disadvantaged and deprived black women and youths by supporting them to lift barriers to healthy mind and life irrespective of their cultural background. 

Work Place

Social Justice

Promoting Social Justice for Black and Minority Ethnic Groups

At De Butterfly CIC, we are committed to transforming lives and minds through our unwavering dedication to emotional well-being support, confidence building, creative therapy, coaching, and mentoring. Our mission is not only to provide accessible mental health support but also to serve as advocates for social justice, particularly for black and minority ethnic (BAME) groups.

Originating in 2014 as a voluntary group focused on supporting BAME women affected by Female Genital Mutilation, De Butterfly CIC has evolved into a dynamic organization addressing the multifaceted challenges faced by individuals enduring multiple disadvantages and deprived of basic necessities. Our vision is to break down barriers to mental well-being and empower individuals across diverse cultural backgrounds.

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We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to the unique needs of our community. Our culturally sensitive and specialized mental/emotional well-being support, counselling, advocacy, and skill-building initiatives are designed to create lasting positive impact. Moreover, we foster the development of creativity, culture, music, and arts, celebrating the richness of diverse expressions.

At De Butterfly CIC, we take pride in being advocates for social justice. Our collaborative efforts with community organizations, stakeholders, and policy influencers drive tangible change and promote equitable opportunities for black and minority ethnic individuals and communities. We invite funders to join us in our journey to create a more just and inclusive society. Together, we can make a lasting difference.

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